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What is this bug? Carpet Beetles

Carpet Beetle

We recently received this photo from a client. This little guy was crawling on her bed. It is a Carpet Beetle. Carpet beetles, as their name implies, sometimes infest carpets. Similar to clothes moths, the pests also feed on many other items composed of wool, fur, felt, silk, feathers, skins, and leather. Such materials contain […]

Preventing House Flies in Spring

Why are there so many flies in my house this spring? Often mistaken for house flies, Cluster Flies emerge in spring. Flies from the last generation spend the winter dormant in attics and walls and become active again when the spring temperatures start to rise. They usually enter through gaps in roofs, attics, and eaves, […]

What is this Bug? Cigarette Beetles

Cigarette Beetles

Another Case Solved by Brett, the “Pest Detective”… Our client emailed: These bugs have appeared at several windows, especially in the severe cold that we have been having. They are at several windows.  We have wood framed windows.  Are these bugs a problem or just a nuisance?  Thank you for any advice. These little guys […]

Wet Winter Means More Ant Invasions

The Chicago suburbs have had a harsh and wet winter with record amounts of snow, ice and rain. This wet weather will bring out the ant populations this spring. Our pest control team in McHenry and Lake counties typically see an uptick in ant complaints when the weather has been wet. The three most common […]

Bed Bug Infestation

This video is not for the squeamish.   This video shows an infestation of bed bugs on a home owner’s mattress.  The home was treated successfully and we were able to rid the home of bed bugs. Learn more about Bed Bugs in the Chicagoland area

Green Eco-Friendly Pest Control

VexTech is now offering eco-friendly, non-toxic pest control solutions.  Our green pest elimination service eliminates both the annoying pests and the worry about using toxic chemicals around your home, apartment building, condo, restaurant (goodbye fruit flies), warehouse, hotel, or other business. Our green option products are completely safe to use around all family members, including […]

It’s Spring – Time for Mosquito Control

mosquito spraying

As the weather warms up following a very wet winter, mosquitoes will be emerging. With mosquitoes thehe danger of contracting a mosquito borne disease like West Nile Virus is ever increasing, especially in the Chicagoland area. We can help with these vexing pests by inspecting the yard, treating some of the foliage where adult mosquitoes hide […]