What is this Bug? Cigarette Beetles

Cigarette Beetles

Another Case Solved by Brett, the “Pest Detective”…

Our client emailed:

These bugs have appeared at several windows, especially in the severe cold that we have been having. They are at several windows.  We have wood framed windows.  Are these bugs a problem or just a nuisance?  Thank you for any advice.

These little guys were found in the upstairs bedrooms. Cigarette Beetles were finding their way up from the kitchen. From my inspection I found the source was spilled food under the kitchen cabinets.

Cigarette beetles

The cigarette beetle gets its name from being found near dried tobacco in the form of leaves, cigars, cigarettes, or chewing tobacco is stored. It is a common pest in pantries and kitchen cabinets where packaged food is stored.

Cigarette beetles are quite small, measuring about 2 to 3 mm (about 1/8 of an inch), and are reddish brown. They have a rounded, oval shape. When disturbed, they often pull in their legs, tuck their head and lay motionless. They prefer to reside in dark or dimly lit cracks, nooks and crevices but become active and fly readily in bright, open areas, probably in an attempt to find refuge. They are most active at dusk and will continue activity through the night.

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